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Working with SaaS Pros.

Our team brings decades of experience to the table. However, we believe in a collaborative process when it comes to tackling the challenges that leaders are facing. This means our process is a team effort and can be customized to the businesses unique needs. While we have a strong process we leave room to tailor the solution so that it provides maximum impact. 

Outdoors Meeting

Business Health-check 

Most engagements begin with our free business health check. This is a 60–90-minute meeting where we work through our health check together. Once complete, we will have a much better understanding on the state of your business, goals, and objectives. After this meeting we will be able to provide a customized proposal outlining our findings and recomended solutions.

Consulting services

Our consulting engagements are tailored to fit your needs based on the outcomes of the business health check. Our areas of expertise are sales, go to market, and organizational culture. We can help to create foundational playbooks in any of these areas that can be used as a building block for your organization. We can also help to assess current resources and make recommendations to better align with the organization’s growth goals.

Business Consultation

Starting at $5,000

Business Conference

Sales Training

SaaS Pros and it's board have worked together to create the Fearless Sales Method. This is a modern sales methodology customized for the complexities of longer deal cycles that are common in the B2B SaaS environment. We typically train small elements of the process at a time so that reps are not overwhelmed and can be implemented right away. We then start the next session reviewing how the implementation of the previous skill went before layering on the next skill. The techniques taught are universal. They should feel somewhat familiar to those with a traditional sales training background but with a modern and more flexible approach. Training can be conducted ad-hoc or as a part of our 12-week guided program.

Starting at $3,000/session

Fractional CRO

The Fractional CRO program is for organizations that want a more holistic resource that can really get into their business and build for the future. With these engagements we are typically working hands on with your business for 1-2 days a week. All resources and services are available to you including consulting, training, coaching, and hiring.

Business Team

Starting at $20,000/month

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